Poultry Processing Field Day

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There is a notable gap between youth eating food and knowing where it comes from. Furthermore, many individuals, both youth and adults, have little knowledge of the work that goes into processing food properly; or how to do it for themselves if they had to.ResponseOn Saturday, September 28th, 2019, Cooperative Extension offered a poultry processing field day at a local farm. Active 4-Her’s and their families were invited to attend this event. Extension staff, with the help of a local volunteer, spoke about how to properly process homegrown poultry and how to do it safely. In addition, 4-Her’s and their parents were allowed to participate in the slaughtering and dipping process, and were trained in using a commercial grade poultry processor. A volunteer then illustrated how to properly clean and prepare poultry for the freezer.ResultsSixteen participants, which were made up of 4-Her’s, parents and volunteers, took active part in this field day. Many participants arrived a little apprehensive about witnessing this process, with a few parents concerned that children might be traumatized. However, after processing a couple of birds, everyone relaxed and all participants played a hands-on part in the entire program. All sixteen participants were able to demonstrate that they had learned to skills necessary to be both comfortable and efficient in home poultry processing.

youth watching as volunteer processes poultry

4-H Poultry Processing Day